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Hey suga! So you want to work with me! Well come on and let’s do it! I currently have a social media following of over 200k engaged audience! I’m here for the connections and collaborations.

Want to be a Sponsor?

Being a sponsor is simple! There are six unique levels for your product to be showcased to my growing audience of over 200,000 members. Simply complete this application and tell us at which level you would like to sponsor.

Patio Sponsor

On the patio level, the sponsor will receive social media sponsored posting. We will post and place a banner with your name clearly marked as a sponsor. Making sure to tag you and include your information pertaining to your post. Initial investment starts at the rate of $100, the final value determined once application is received.

Tour de Patio

Want to sponsor our weekly featured outdoor living space? This sponsorship will include your information listed as a sponsor on the actual youtube video and tagged on all social media networks. This sponsorship is an initial investment of $250.

Deck Sponsor

On our deck level, the sponsor will provide sponsorship for livestream. When I go live, I average 2500k views, 40 shares and over 300 comments. We are a very engaged group. This sponsor goes live with me. Not physically, but I will wear your brand, mention your name throughout the live, tag, and give mentions on all social media and in the private group. Initial investment starts at $250, the final value determined once application is received.

Rooftop Sponsor

The rooftop sponsor is an event sponsor. This sponsor will sponsor an event in its entirety. This will include sponsorship signage, mentions, tags, lives, ads and more. Initial investment starts at the rate of $500 but will vary depending on the event, final value determined once application is received.

Patio Posh

Would you like to see your products unboxed live? Complete this quick survey and send me at least 2 identical items. One item will be unboxed live in our private Facebook group and/or on Instagram. Initial investment starts at the rate of $400 depending on the sponsor’s product. Please also include the $50.00 fee, to cover the cost of shipping and processing.

Patio Chat!

Want to join me on my live and share your passion with my audience on the patio! Let’s go! Complete this quick application and let’s see if you’re a good fit for the show. If so! Great! It’s an investment of $250. The benefits and possibilities are endless!