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Unique Decorative DIY Door Decor

Unique Decorative DIY Door Decor

Hanging front door decor tends to offer a warmer, more neighborly aura. With that said not all front door decor has to be a wreath. Susan Morris Mikes’s eye-catching hanging decor gives her space originality and personality.

I asked Susan how she created this work of art and she gave me the rundown to share with you all.

  1. Susan started off with a cutout silhouette which she hand-painted with Rustoleum Gloss Black latex paint.
  2. She then let the paint dry.
  3. Next, she purchased a 10-inch metal wreath frame and some soft yellow tulle.
  4. Then she eliminated the circle that is usually attached to the wreath with zip ties. To do this she slid the wired wreath on the top of the head where the hair would begin.
  5. Since the yellow tulle was soft and needed some volume, she then cut it about 5-6 inches and tied it all around the wreath until it was full. You’ll want to make sure that there are no gaps in between the tulle so that the wiring on the wreath does not show through.
  6. Afterward, she tied the scarf to form a bow at the top.
  7. Following that last step, she painted the lips with red to add a bit of color and dimension to help it stand out.
  8. Lastly, she attached the wreath door hanger to the finished product and hung it onto the door.

Voila! There you go. Following the steps that Susan took to make the wreath, you have yourself a creatively, beautiful hanging door decoration that is so unique to you and your style.

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Take it a step further and play with different color tulle, head wrap patterns and paint colors.
If you recreate this, please make sure to tag me on Instagram @thepatiochic. I would love to see your version of this do-it-yourself project.

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