Trinetta August’s Thrift Store Bench DIY

As you all know, I love to budget-friendly furniture and decor. I also love customizing those items to make my own. Once I saw Trinetta August’s post, I had to ask her what ger process was through it all. 

What inspired you to create the DIY?

“I’ve always loved watching DIY shows. I recently had my deck rebuilt and was looking for furniture on a budget, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to try a DIY project of my own.”

What are the steps you took to create the DIY?

“First, I went to my local thrift store in search of something that I could restore and found a wicker loveseat that I thought would be perfect for my space. I then chose spray paint to paint the piece. After the spray painting was complete, I figured that a few pillows, a rug and a flower would complete the look.”

Is there anything that you would like to share with the group?

“I have never been a DIY kind of girl so this was really stepping out of the box for me and I am really proud of myself on how everything turned out. If you are contemplating doing a DIY, I say go for it! I am definitely looking forward to my next DIY project all while on a budget!”


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