Heyyy Suga!

Are you ready to create the outside space of your dreams?
If so, you’re in the right place! Whether you have a Big budget or No budget. Whether you have a Big space or Little space....you will find, learn and be empowered to create the space of your dreams.

Why should I attend The Patio Chic Conference?

This conference is here to ensure you are empowered to create an outdoor space you will love. The size of your budget or space does not matter. What matters most is your willingness to start somewhere. It’s time to reimagine your space and this conference is the place to dream, plan and execute!

Meet Tara

Wife to Reginald, Mom to 8, Nomi (grandma) to 6!  Tara didn’t think her job was done.  This former educator decided that diving into one of her favorite past times was a great way to escape the pandemic.  Quarantined to the island of home, Tara decided to enjoy her patio space a little more than she had time to before.  Her recent forever home purchase yields 9 acres, a porch, 2 patios and an enlarged fire pit area.  Being a mom slowed her down from being able to decorate these spaces the way she wanted.  Since the pandemic made everything abruptly stop. She thought, I’ll just decorate.  While looking for inspiration, Tara couldn’t seem to find girls that  looked like her in the outdoor living spaces. She remembered the words of her mom, if you can’t find what you are looking for, create it.  So she did!  Tara created the group Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces and the outside living lifestyle brand The Patio Chic!  Now we are here, TPCCON!  Tara is a trendsetter, trailblazer and this movement has definitely made her proud!

A Virtual Experience like no other!

TPCCON is equipped with experiences you have to see to believe! 

Patio Speakers

Good Vibes Only!

APRIL 23-25, 2021

Pick Your Experience

Very Important Patio Chic


Want to be a part of the movement?

Join me as a Vendor, Speaker, Art Exhibitor, or Get in the bag(swag bag that is) I really meant it when I said this conference is for and about YOU! Here’s your opportunity to share your gifts with the people who love TPC. If they love me, they’ll love you...because birds of a feather flock together! Join me on the stage, share your art or showcase your business.

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