Spotlighting our Suga Sista!

Hey sugas! now this week we are going to spotlight our suga sista, Nicole Irvin-Morehead. A resident of Slidell, LA. She is going to let us in on her lavish living space!

What was your inspiration behind creating your space?

The inspiration behind my space was a visit to a restaurant in Austin, TX. Very private, quaint and with a hint of Rome. I love entertaining and considering we were in the midst of a pandemic and the world of social distancing I created a much-needed outdoors oasis for a light brunch or intimate dinner to enjoy in the backyard Villa. I love the outdoors and have always dreamed of having a place of serenity without having to leave the property, allowing me to escape as if I am on vacation where I rented an Airbnb.

Where did you get most of your decor and furniture from?

∙Furniture: Thrifting, Re-shopping my home & Discount stores

∙Décor: Discount stores, Antique shops and curbside 😊

The old saying someone else’s trash is now my treasure.

What is your favorite feature on your patio?

My favorite feature is the structure and length of the patio.  The patio is covered which allows outdoor relaxation for all seasons.  The patio is large enough to host parties, girls’ night, guys’ night and was large enough to host my wedding.  The patio encompasses a “feels like” living room seating up to six, a place for grilling and an intimate seating area for two.

How do you like to spend your time on the patio?

The time spent on the patio is early morning with tea/coffee, with Alexa playing smooth jazz. Occasionally, I end the day with a glass of wine and if the temperature is cool enough for our deep south weather, we light the fire pit with Alexa closing out our night. There is also an occasional visit from my puppy who enjoys lounging for hours on the seagrass rug taking in the breeze.

Is there anything that you would like to share with the women in the group?

Create a space that you will enjoy and love. Utilize what you have and find ways to become creative. Working from home has allowed me to bring my creativity to the forefront of my space, enabling me to embrace what I have and share with others. After a long day of work or home life, we forget about ourselves and how to unwind for the moment. Pour a glass of lemonade, tea or wine and meditate in your new oasis. Remember you don’t have to spend a lot to have the perfect accommodations. If you put the time and effort into your indoor space, bring that same energy to the outdoors. You will not regret it.