Splendorous Outdoor Dining with Lounge

Susan Morris Mikes sold her house in 2017 and moved back into the house that she grew up in. She lived here from the time she was in the sixth grade until she got married. Since the passing of her mother in October of 2017, her goal of creating this serene patio space is to rejuvenate the space that her mother loved. Though she still has much work to do on the house she likes to use this outdoor space as a resting area while she works on other areas of the house.

Here right outside Susan’s balcony, there’s an outdoor dining space with seating up to six people. The floral arrangement at the center of the table makes a great outdoor dining space just as the indoor dining.

Once you’re done with the dining area, you can head to the lounge area on the patio for some relaxation and talk time. The pillows and comfortable seating, like the classic rocking chair, make the outdoor experience much more enjoyable.

Whether contemporary or slightly old-fashioned, there are no limitations to how you style up your patio. As long as the space beckons you and your chosen company with the promise of splendor and always reliable comfort.

If you enjoyed Susan’s outdoor living space and want to take some of her decor ideas home I have created a list of similar items for you to check out below. Comment and tell me which of Susan’s decor was your favorite.

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