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Sheila Jag’s Cheerful Outdoor Gazebo Makeover

Sheila Jag’s Cheerful Outdoor Gazebo Makeover

If you have the empty space, make it over so you can enjoy what you have to the fullest. This bright gazebo by Sheila Jag is so bright and cheerful. She describes her outdoor space as a place of peace and respite. 

This year and the year prior has been extremely challenging for Sheila and her family. With almost losing her daughter to a serious car accident, almost losing her son to a brain aneurysm and a stroke, while she is dealing with bone cancer and the Covid-19 Quarantine, She is happy that she now has a place to retreat to when she needs peace. 

Because of everything that has happened within the past two years, Sheila decided that she was going to get working on a space where she can relax, get fresh air, listen to music, think, and pray. Since she was working with a blank slate, she figured that a gazebo for the space would be perfect and faster than any other options. 

That was when the project started. Sheila had her handy husband help build the deck floor while she stained it. The small gazebo is her perfect idea of a backyard Heaven. There is just something about the mystifying colors that bring such beauty to her space. I am loving the dynamic colors that Sheila went with. The colorful atmosphere surely would bring a vibrant smile to all who lay eyes on it. 

Once the foundation for her gazebo was set she started the hunt for decor. Being a bargain hunter she was able to get most of her items for sale or from the thrift shop, proving that you don’t have to break the bank to create a place of peace. Once the project was finished, she named it Sheila’s She Shed. 

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Sheila now spends about 90% of her time in her she shed. In the morning, she would listen to Gospel while enjoying her morning coffee, accompanied with a prayer before she starts her workout. Sheila normally spends her afternoons sitting in her she shed and working on her laptop. As the evening hits she then switches over to either listening to jazz music, plays games, or watches sitcoms on YouTube or Netflix. 

Overall, I love the vibrance of Sheila’s She Shed. She did a great job utilizing the space that she had to create her place of peace. 

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