Shawnte Braxton’s Inspiring Glamp Camp

Upon stumbling on Shawnte Braxton’s post in the group I was intrigued to learn more about her glamping experience in her spacious outdoor space. What I was not prepared for was the heartfelt story that came along with it. I am glad that I am able to share with you Shawnte’s story. 

Earlier this year Shawnte Braxton recently lost one of her daughters, Keani Braxton on June 4th, 2020. Keani’s tragic death occurred two days after her and her identical twin sister, Imani Braxton, turned 21. Keani was looking forward to making this big life milestone. Unfortunately, a housefire took the life of her and her boyfriend. This was a devastating loss for Shawnte because she also lost her husband 7 years earlier. I admire how strong Shawnte has been since becoming widowed having to raise two kids on her own to only lose one of her children a few years later. 

Shawnte says that the family was extremely close-knit, even more so after the death of her husband. Keani’s death rocked Shawnte to the core and her twin sister is just inconsolable, especially because the twins were so close and spent every free moment with each other. They even worked at the same job together. Shawnte jas been looking for strength and peace through reflection and meditation. She says that she is fortunate to have such a  supportive group of family and friends.  

Shawnte’s sister-in-law invited her to the group Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces and since then she has been so inspired.  Inspired to spend more time outdoors,  create space serene where she can invite friends and family over to connect and make memories.  She loves to camp but with all the convenience of home. She actually calls it glamping not camping. She knew that in order to get her friends on board she would have to create a cozy environment to gain the ultimate glamping experience.  Shawnte has a big enough yard – the perfect place to host her very own Glamp Camp 2020. 

Everyone brought their own tent and decor to “glam-up” their tent. Shawnte made a certificate for best Glammed Up tent and held voting to see which one everyone thought had the most creative camp. 

For dinner, everyone got together for a picnic-style dinner with a Bohemian flair. After dinner, they all watched a movie and all of the ladies brought their favorite selection of wine. Smores were made for dessert to pair with the wine. After the movie, the ladies listened to music, talked, and laughed all night.  Shawnte loved the beautiful experience. She felt her daughter’s presence there with her that night.  

As the morning approached, Shawnte I laid out a continental style breakfast with muffins, fruits, yogurts,  juice, and coffee. It was completely safe, and everyone was able to social distance all while connecting with each other at the same time. It was an absolutely amazing time! Shawnte and her friends are really excited about Glamp Camp 2021.


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