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Pillow DIY With Tammie McKeey

Pillow DIY With Tammie McKeey

How To Save On Patio Pillows And Seat Cushions

When shopping around from Lowes to Wayfair the price for quality seat cushions usually starts at $30. Sometimes buying outdoor pillows and seat cushions for $30 or more isn’t worth it. So, what do you do in this situation? Create your own by refurbishing old seat covers just like  Ms. Tammie McKeey.

Upon seeing the high prices of pillows and seat cushions, Tammie turned her kitchen counter into a sewing station and got straight to work. She went online and found the ideal fabric for her new cushions. Guess how much she paid? That’s right, this DIY project was only $42. She got her set of cushions for the price of one.

It gets even better. Since Tammie doesn’t own a sewing machine she stitched her outdoor cushions by hand. A truly incredible talent! She said she learned how to do this by watching her aunt. Whenever her aunt would go shopping she would tag along. Whenever her aunt found a dress that she liked she would try that dress on go home and make it herself from memory. How remarkable is that?

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Tammie received so much love from this DIY project. She deserves to be recognized for inspiring the group to go out there and create their own custom seat covers. Recycle, refurbish, and reuse is a motto that we should all be living by. There is so much beauty in refurbishing items to make it your own. In addition to the satisfaction of proudly refurbishing an item to make it your own, you are helping the earth by reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfills and incinerators. Are you now inspired to create your own? If so I’d love to feature it on the blog. Submit your photos to

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