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Monyelle Gordon Dotson’s Stylish and Functional Porch

Monyelle Gordon Dotson’s Stylish and Functional Porch

The COVID quarantine has gotten a lot of people around the world to reflect on life. For Monyelle Gordon Dotson her reflection brought out inspiration for her to become more creative. She wanted to create a space that was both stylish and functional that would also complement her red door. By tradition a red door means “welcome.” Though Monyelle wasn’t entertaining guests during the pandemic, she still wanted to showcase an inviting porch for everyone to enjoy and admire despite the circumstances.

Though Monyelle already had the IKEA planters from before, she knew that she had to go shopping. Due to the lockdown, Monyelle was challenged with the limited stores that were open. She picked up her patio chair, cushion, pillow, rug, and mat from Target. The sign and lanterns came from Menards. Lastly, the lovely wooden “Hello” door wreath was acquired through Etsy.

There is so much that I can say about this patio space. I love how her front door is the center of attention. It’s a beautiful shade of red and screams welcome. I appreciate how she kept the decor to neutrals with black and tan. The wreath, welcome sign, and doormat makes her space even more inviting. 

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Moneylle would like to encourage everyone to create a space that makes you happy as well as showcases your individual style and personality. It doesn;t have to cost much, just stick to your budget and make it happen. She believes that everyone deserves their own little oasis to unwind and relax. 

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