Member Spotlight: Garden of Hope and Peace

For some people, gardening comes easy and for others, it can be the hardest task to maintain. There is no doubt that gardening takes someone who has a special touch – a green thumb. Today I wanted to recognize Sylvia Cox for her magnificent garden.

Tilted gardens may be difficult to create, especially when it holds such an intricate design like Sylvia’s garden. Even though creating a sloping garden without using a tilted planter is a challenge she did an amazing job.

Sylvia plants every year and enjoys changing up the designs. She puts in the work with her floral designs resulting in a stunning garden every time. Sylvia’s dazzling garden caught so much attention from the masses that her local news station in Detroit featured her garden on the morning segment.

Sylvia’s garden has so much life to it with all of the beautiful colors. I am loving how she put this garden together. It’s no wonder why her local news channel named her garden as the garden of hope and peace.

One of my favorite details is the submerged pot with the flowers looking as if they are flowing out from it. When someone asked if the planter was custom made she said that she got the pot second-hand from her aunt who was going to throw it away. What a great way to upcycle!

Let me know what you think about Sylvia’s garden design in the comments below.


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