Lilian Walcott’s Endless Summer Poolside Patio

Lilian Walcott’s bright outdoor patio space brings the phrase “endless summer” to life. I’m loving the yellow base with black and yellow stripes accents for her theme. She surely knows how to bring a space to life.

Lilian said that she was inspired to update her outdoor space a few weeks after joining my group, Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces. She went out to purchase new cushions, the famous egg chair, and lively decorative items for her patio space. Can you believe that the aluminum patio furniture is 12 years old? I almost didn’t believe it when she told me. All Lilian did was spray paint them to freshen them up. Because she couldn’t find the perfect shade of yellow for her cushions she painted them instead.

The yellow rainboots planter is one of my favorite features of Lilian’s decor. The yellow with the green compliment each other so well. It’s such a creative idea to have plants grow out of the rainboots.

Next would be the hanging shelves that Lilian has hung up on the brick wall. It’s a great way to showcase her succulents. To get the shelves up on the brick wall her husband drilled holes using a masonry drill bit.

Lastly, Lilian’s custom pool is beautiful. She said that her pool was built by Sahara Construction & Custom Pool in Texas.

Though Lilian says that she’s still working on her space, I feel like her space is perfect. I can only imagine sitting on her patio staring out onto the sunset looking beyond her pool.

Lilian’s decor comes from a variety of places. Some were purchased second hand and others come from your favorite stores like Hobby Lobby, Aldi, Kirkland’s, and Lowes. If you love Lilian’s decor and would like to bring some home for yourself check out the links below.

Black Geometric Wire Wall Shelf – Hobby Lobby | $74.99 (On sale for $18.75)

White Pierced Metal Solar Stool – Kirkland’s | $49.99

Rust-Oleum Spray Paint in Sun Yellow – Amazon | $3.96

Black Cabana Stripe Outdoor Chair Cushion – Home Depot | $49.98

Sunbrella Cabana Chaise Lounge Cushion – Home Depot | $169.00

RSH DécorSquare Throw Pillows – Walmart | $39.96

Botanical Tropical Area Rug – Lowes | $29.98 (On Sale $19.98)

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