Let’s talk about 2022, honey!

    Okay, sugas, we have now entered into a new year and y’all know what that means! New year, new goals, new YOU. For some of us,  2021 REALLY had some hands suga, okay! Although we had a crazy year with all types of twists and turns around every corner. I have already done this exercise and for me, I simply added the phrase “I WILL” to the beginning of every goal I set for myself. Let me help you set a few goals that may help you have a great new year. Let’s get ready suga! 

“I will” focus on journaling

Sugas: it is so important for you to have the ability to express your emotions and feelings! I know how tough it can be, especially when you’re seen as the “strong friend”. Taking 15-30 minutes out of your day to just write a few thoughts down can make you feel better! We are not “bottling it up” in 2022! Let that pen flow baby! 

“I will” focus on setting smaller goals

Listen, honey, times are tough and the pandemic has made things extremely difficult. I know we all want to aim for the stars and that is GREAT Suga! But sometimes we need to take a step back and focus on the smaller things in life for a little while before going all out! The new year should be the perfect time to set a few small goals to achieve during the first six months of the year. These goals can range from personal, work, or business. Remember: a goal is a goal, baby! 

“I will” focus on consistency

Sometimes it can be hard getting on a good routine. We have all been guilty at one point in time of steering off the path and getting a little disorganized. That’s perfectly okay, girl! BUT I’m here to tell you NO MORE. Make 2022 your year to take charge and stick to your routine! You got this!

Yall wanna know where you can get some quiet time to figure out your goals? You can sit right there in your outdoor living space and take a few minutes to breathe in some fresh air and start setting your intentions for 2022! Please feel free to share your goals with my sistas! We are in this thang together!