Heyyy Suga!

So you wanna be an intern?

Great! Let me tell you what’s in store!

You’ll have the opportunity to see the ins and outs of an empire in the making. Not only will you have hands on opportunities but you will be a part of some ground breaking and historic moments!


  • strategy
  • planning
  • organization

Social Media

  • story telling
  • analytics
  • content Creation
  • community management

Product line

  • product creation
  • sourcing
  • buyer meetings


  • buyer
  • private label productions
  • pricing

This is a super short list. My goal is to share my platform with young African American women in order to give you an opportunity to thrive and gain the experience needed to compete in your perspective field!

Are you ready? We are lively….we love to have fun but deadlines are important. We expect the best out of you because we are going to give you the best of us!