How to make a cozy fire!

Okay sugas, it has been getting pretty cold out here! I know some of you might still have some Christmas decorations on your patio, or you might have decorated for the New Year! No judgement here! That is perfectly fine! I’m here to bring you some good don’t have to go inside! Here are four steps to help you create the coziest fire to enjoy on your outdoor living space.

Step One: Add Recycled paper materials

Make sure you add some paper to the pit, sugas. It is highly recommended to use recycled paper materials. This paper can be some ripped up Christmas boxes! Save yourself some money! Use what you have suga.

Step Two: Kindling wood

Your second step is to gather some kindling wood! This wood can be small sticks. When the wind blows the small sticks out of the tree….grab them…these are the perfect fire starters (kindling wood).

Step Three: Add Logs

Now it’s time to add your major logs! The logs need to be medium size. Let’s not get carried away sugas! Start off small. A fire can get away from you fast….even in a fire pit.

Step Four: Light it up and enjoy!

Now it’s time to get warm! Light that fire right on up and enjoy suga!

I’m going to leave this TikTok video with you, just in case you need visuals! Don’t forget to tag us in your posts and videos on TikTok suga! Have fun and stay warm!