Donya Carr’s Classic Work From Home Escape

Working from home due to COVID-19 has it’s pros and cons. Since Danya Carr and her husband both work for NASA, they would both spend their day spread out in the house. Donya took over the basement and her husband took over the home office. After joining the Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces group, she decided to give her deck a makeover and utilize that space as her space. 

As an engineer, Donya doesn’t consider herself very creative or artistic. She credits her creativity to the women who have shared their spaces. With so much inspiration, her creativity has grown tremendously and she is now ready to redecorate the rest of her home. 

Donya’s stylish deck looks like it came out of a magazine. Donya’s nautical navy blue and white color scheme is such a classic. Her white furniture set is from Lowes, her rattan set is from Amazon, and her rug is purchased from Ollies. Donya’s accessories and accent pieces are from a variety of places such as Michaels, Big Lots, TJMaxx, and Marshalls

Donya originally had the white and navy set but felt that her space wasn’t complete without adding a lounge set to her outdoor deck. Because the sets are usually brown, she decided that she wanted to add tan and gold accents to bring life to her patio space. While she was set on the optic white and metallic gold she opted for pleather lumbar pillows. Donya actually spray painted accents and accessories to get the spaces to connect together. To spray paint the accents and accessories she used the Rustoleum spray paint

Overall, I love how Donya designed her outdoor deck. This lady boss needed a space for herself, having to work from home – now she can work and relax on her spacious patio deck.

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