Daphne Tolbert Johnson’s Spray Paint Makeover

Minor adjustments can really change the way a space feels. Daphne Tolbert Johnson has lived in her home for quite some time now and this is the first time in 14 years that she has decided that she was going to decorate her outdoor patio space. 

It all started with a post from a friend of Daphne who shared her beautiful outdoor table setting that featured some Dollar Tree dishes. She happened to see a set with sunflowers and instantly fell in love. This same friend mentioned the Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces group and Daphne knew right away that she had to get in on the action. 

Because she was spending so much time at home, Daphne wanted to create a space for herself to enjoy. Not only did this outdoor living space create a change of scenery for her but it soon became her sacred space. 

As far as her furniture goes, Daphne already had the patio table and chairs. The table was sitting out there for so long that it rusted over time. After getting some advice from the group she decided to  give the patio table and chairs a fresh coat of paint. Daphne shows gratitude and would like to thank the member who recommended the RUST-OLEUM COMFORT GRIP. She stated that it made a difference in her finishing the paint job without her hands getting tired. Overall, she was very pleased with the paint job on her patio table set, umbrella stand, and plastic side table. You can see the images of her progress below from start to finish. 

Let’s move on and talk about her accent pieces and accessories. I like the colorful cushions that she chose for the patio chairs. She actually found the pillows from Walmart. Daphne found her neutral rug at Kohl’s and purchased the flowers from Lowes. I do like how she stuck to a neutral rug. This way if she wanted to change it up, add cushions, or just redo the space entirely she has a neutral base to start with that would go with pretty much everything. 

Daphne isn’t quite done with her space but I wanted to share it anyway. She has other ideas that she is going to start working on next year to further beautify the landscape and possibly upgrade the patio set. Daphne loves the positive vibe of the group along with the feeling of sisterhood. She feels that it’s very uplifting in times like this to share a space with other Black women. To her it’s more than just a DIY group. The members all affirm and uplift one another. Daphne would like to encourage those sisters who hesitate to post because their spaces are not finished, or perfect, or small, to go ahead and share their spaces. She believes that if you love the space then that’s all that matters.