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Daphne Tolbert Johnson’s Beautiful Front Porch

Daphne Tolbert Johnson’s Beautiful Front Porch

The front of your house is like the first impression of your space so you want to make sure that however you decorate it, it represents you and who you are. The front porch of Daphne Tolbert Johnson’s house gives off a warm and inviting feeling. 


Had Daphne not decided to decorate her porch she wouldn’t have found her beautiful yellow wreath at Kirklands. She also picked up her doormat from the store as well. Daphne admits that before the group she has never shopped at Kirlands. She didn’t even know that she had one in her area until one of her friends told her where the location was. Since Kirklands is one of the top stores where members in the Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces group shop, the store instantly peaked her interest. To add the finishing touch to her porch, Daphne added faux potted greenery from Big Lots

Daphne shares that she is quite inspired by the group! Although a lot of ideas are shared, it was important for her to create a space that she loves. Daphne starts with a theme and redecorates her space on a budget. She is ecstatic and happy with the final product. 

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Daphne enjoys opening up the doors while working from home, to see the beautiful spaces that she has created. She also enjoys sitting outside having dinner on the patio.

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