Black history on the patio!

It’s officially Black History Month sugas! we’re going to start the month off right by talking a little bit about how our people paved the way for us both on and off the patio. let’s dive in, sugas! 

I’m going to let y’all in on a little family secret. My grandma who lived to be 103 shared some real outside fun with me. My grandma had a plum orchard (a fenced area with nothing but plum trees). WOW what a memory. However the best part of being a grandma was waking up early, shucking corn to feed the chickens. A true outside girl! Now y’all know how our grandmas used to get on us if we were coming “in and out” of her house too much! This rule helped me learn how to be outside whether it was on the porch or patio with my family. By my grandma being out there planting and gardening, it also showed me how to garden and plant because that was one of their key points of surviving.

    I want to focus on gardening for a bit, sugas. Now, gardening was our people’s way of expressing how free we were. African Americans have always contributed to cultivating and gardening this very land for centuries, baby. Some examples of our beloved leaders were people like George Washington Carver. George Washington Carver, a graduate of Tuskegee, who became a very notable scientist and farmer. Malcolm Stubblefield focused his college studies on landscape gardening and he later on went to New York where he became successful in working for the New York City gardening department. A lil’ #GirlPowerMoment, Martha Jones is the first Black woman to receive a patent for her corn sheller in 1868. This corn sheller machine reduced the time it would take to shell corn kernels and reuse corn plant waste at a very high speed. Let’s give it up for our girl Martha, y’all! 

I believe that will be all for our little Black History lesson, honey! We are surrounded by so much history everywhere we go. From our outdoor living spaces to our indoor living spaces, our African American ancestors have definitely given us the tools to keep innovating.

Here’s a little assignment for my suga sistas.. I want you to share your Black History month ideas for your outdoor living space with us! Tag us on Facebook and Instagram!