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I will be honest and say I never thought I would be back here. When I was a little girl, I did all things outdoors. When I say all things…I mean all things. I went hunting, fishing, chopped wood, gardened and more. Honestly, if there was something to do outside, I did it! 

Then life happened!

 I became super girly and the thought of outside made my upper lip curl. I was devastated at the thought of anyone suggesting that I go outside and sweat….ewwww Yuck! Now we are here! The pandemic happens, I have a mental breakdown moment and discovered that being outside completely took me away from the world being shut down. It became my escape. So while I was decorating my own outdoor space, I wondered if their were others enjoying this as much as I did/do! (Let’s face it…I’d rather be outside, seriously) I searched and searched and was not able to find any one place where women like me were hanging out sharing ideas about outdoor living spaces.  I could not find one.

That’s exactly what I did! I created a space for African American women to work together in beautifying their outdoor living spaces. “We are here and it’s inspiring, motivating, captivating and a one-of-a-kind space to share our very own outdoor inspiration!”

About Tara L. Paige

Tara L. Paige is no stranger to being mentioned and noticed by Hollywood’s top entertainers and media outlets. Tara has been quoted and referenced in articles published by Brides Magazine, Today Show Online, All Parenting Magazine and is currently being interviewed by Working Mother Magazine. She received recognition from esteemed actress, Meagan Good, for her book, The Book of Glam. Paige not only has an unforgettable voice that is shuffled among elite professionals, she also embodies an image that has been captured by celebrity photographer, Derek Blanks.

From author to speaker along with hosting her own talk show, The Tara L Paige Show,  She was seen on CBS affiliates in New Orleans and Alexandria, Good Morning Texas and appeared on the Hollywood Divas Reunion Show. With her innovative, “beast mode” business edge, Tara has led many to living their dreams by turning their passions into profit. She has also been sponsored by corporate brands like Coca Cola and Chic-Fil-A. As the CEO of Haute’ GLAM, Paige envisions creating events that empower women to cultivate their visions into realities.

Growing up in the small city of Alexandria, Louisiana, was the first of many boundaries Paige would cross over to build her own world of limitless opportunity. Chasing happiness professionally isn’t Tara’s only passion, while she also pours her heart into being a wife, mother and grandmother. She loves being the “famous mom” that all of her children brag about to their friends. Tara lives by simple values that start with being herself, loving herself best and being present in every moment of life. She loves all things frilly, furry and shiny along with being bold and fiery, as she enjoys living in the middle of it all.

“Don’t be afraid to live. There is no wrong way to live life, it’s just wrong not to live at all.”

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