I will be honest and say I never thought I would be back here. When I was a little girl, I did all things outdoors. When I say all things…I mean all things. I went hunting, fishing, chopped wood, gardened and more. Honestly, if there was something to do outside, I did it!

Then life happened!

Without a thought, I went from the the outdoor, hanging with her dad, tomboy-type chic to trending fashion, makeup, and all things Southern Belle Super Host. 

Allow me to introduce myself

Wife to Papa Suga, Reginald, Mom to 8, Nomi (grandma) to 6!  I didn’t think my job was done.  I’m a former educator who decided that diving into one of my favorite past times was a great way to escape the pandemic.

Like many of you,  I was quarantined to the island of home, so I decided to enjoy my patio space a little more than I had time to before.  We recently purchased our forever home which yields 9 acres, a porch, 2 patios, and an enlarged fire pit area.  Being a mom slowed me down from being able to decorate these spaces like I wanted.  Since the pandemic made everything abruptly stop I thought it was time to decorate.  While looking for inspiration, I couldn’t seem to find girls that  looked like me in the outdoor living spaces. Then the words of my mom came to memory, “If you can’t find what you are looking for, create it”.  So I did!  I created the group Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces and the outside living lifestyle brand The Patio Chic!  

I’ve always been a creative and an out of the box thinker. This movement has definitely made me proud!

Have you seen me here?

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