4 Quick Tips on how to create an enjoyable space!

Sometimes our backyards go for years and years without the real attention they need. With the new year right around the corner, we’re going outside more and staying inside less! Your fairy suga sista is here to drop a few tips on how to really create the outdoor living space you will enjoy!

1. Purpose

Think about how the outdoor space will be used and plan accordingly. Ask yourself if this is an area that needs to be kid and/or pet friendly? will I host events and about how many people usually come over? All of these are questions that need answers before you start putting in the work on that patio honey

2. Fire

I’m gonna let y’all in on a little secret.. Whether it rains, snows, or the sun is always shining, invest in a fire pit for your outdoor living space suga. When the sun goes down baby you don’t even have to go home! the party must go on! A fire pit is a mood all by itself. Get you one suga!

3. Lighting

Now you know lighting plays a huge factor in your outdoor living space once the sun goes down. In order to keep the party jumpin’ and the fire going, you need to see!! The lighting of your space really sets the mood and tone for guests. Not only does it set the mood, it’s lights up the space. We may age like fine wine but these eyes are on a difference path. WE NEED TO SEE. LOL! Ain’t nobody got time to be falling down honey!

4. Water

 Let’s just take a minute to ” woosah” breathe in and breathe out. Now didn’t that feel great, suga? Imagine being able to do that at any time of day! Bringing in things such as waterfalls and little ponds in your outdoor living space adds such a unique and calming vibe. The sound of water is a great way to wind or wine down your day.  Serenity in your own home, I love it! 

All in all, it’s your space and a place you can create and enjoy. Take a moment to think about how you want to feel and make it happen. If you need help walking through this process make sure you grab a copy of my Patio DIY Guide. This book is like having me right next to you as you create your space. Let’s go suga! It’s your space, do what you want to!

Published By : Amelie Rousseve

Editor : Tara L Paige